No, I’m not headed to Vegas again (well, not this month anyway).  It’s absolutely my favourite place on earth.  The ECBF and I like to go there often.  It’s a quick getaway, the flights there are generally reasonably priced, and it is a much-needed break from reality for a short time.

One of the things I’m hooked on in Vegas (besides the absolute ridiculousness of the place) are what we call the “adult slurpees”.

I mentioned a few posts ago about the Vitamix blender we recently acquired.  When we bought it, the first thing we thought of was how healthy we would become, juicing vegetables, making home made soups and sauces, and delicious breakfast smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Well guess what – truth time: the thing we make the most?  Adult slurpees.  Sigh.  So much for healthy.

We picked up these T-Rex glasses in Disney.  That restaurant was bizarre.  We sat next to an animatronic dinosaur that “attacked” our table at 20 minute intervals.  Very annoying.

Adult Slurpee

Doesn’t it look delicious?  Miami Vice baby.  That’s what the ECBF made for me – and it’s my favourite vice (see what I did there?).  Strawberry Daiquiri layered with Pina Colada.  May I also say that my picture taking abilities are improving.  Photography course is in 7 days… maybe I don’t need it after all…

Back to the Vitamix: I am making a promise to myself right now – and to you – the next thing I post about that flippin’ Vitamix is going to be healthy.  I can’t guarantee I won’t be sipping on an adult slurpee while I type that post…

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