Mission: Impossible (Pie)

I love love love my friend Florence.  She can turn a bad day into a good one almost without exception.   Many times in the past eight years we’ve worked together I’ve wandered to Florence’s office, full of woe about something or other, and she has, in 10 minutes or less, made it all better.  Everyone … Continue reading

Dream Kitchen

When I bought this house of mine I didn’t have a man and two kids.  It was the perfect little house for little ol’ me.  Well, cut to a few years later, and the blonde and the brunette and the ECBF are a part of this household now and well… we’re outgrowing this place by … Continue reading

Food Blogging Trends I Gotta Try

I read a really great post today at i am baker.  She blogged about the 8 food blog trends that have to stay.  All of them are excellent and should stick around however, none of them are things I presently do.  Uh oh.  So… here’s my Louis Riel Day Resolution: I will learn to incorporate at … Continue reading

May Long Cookies: Black Forest

Ever wonder about the origins of Black Forest Cake?  No, me neither. BUT – I’m going to tell you anyway.  Our good friends at wikipedia explain that: The cake is named not directly after the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) mountain range in southwestern Germany but rather from the specialty liquor of that region, known as Schwarzwälder Kirsch(wasser) and distilled from … Continue reading