Product: Mini Oliva

In the interests of celebrating all things delicious – I wanted to share with you a product that I fell in love with last year.  Despite the fact it isn’t baking-related – it is delicious and super handy and therefore, worth celebrating.

I love bringing a salad for lunch.  They can be so versatile, and I can throw in a whole bunch of crunchy vegetables, sometimes left over meat from dinner the night before, and it is a satisfying mid-day meal that doesn’t make me want to snooze at 2:00 like most other lunches do.

When I make salads at home I prefer to make my own salad dressing.  I’m a snob, and I hate crummy preservatives.  I also hate (sorry everybody) canola oil and soybean oil.  It is pretty much impossible to get salad dressing, even those so-called olive oil dressings, that don’t contain mostly canola or soybean oil.  The problem with home made dressings is that they get messy.  The problem with all salad dressings is that they aren’t easily transportable.

Introducing the solution to both of my problems: the Mini Oliva Salad Dressing Pod.  Simple, straightforward olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing in a simple little package.  Simply twist and squeeze.

lunch salad

New problem: can’t get these in Winnipeg.  Anywhere.  I love them so much I contacted the distributor out of Montreal to find out if I could get them to Winnipeg, and no luck.  Amazon is sold out of them, and I’m down to my last one, gasp!

So convenient

P.S.  Yes, those are bacon bits.  And blackberries.  Try it – they’re a great salad combo.

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