May Long Cookies: Aloha Style

I was at a networking event for my day-job the other night and we were talking about trips back from the Hawaiian islands.  Everyone was talking about the stringent measures the airport takes to make sure you aren’t smuggling macadamia nuts or pineapples back to the mainland in your luggage.  They scan them in a big scanner machine, and then if you’re really lucky – when you pick up your luggage from the conveyor belt when you get home, there’s a nice little note tucked in there that they also rifled through your luggage.

When I went to Maui earlier this year, I got to go to a macadamia nut plantation.  I became infatuated with macadamia nuts.  I didn’t get to bring back any because of the aforementioned luggage searching, but what I was able to bring back was this bag of Hawaiian honey and chocolate covered macadamia nuts.


See those plumerias?  They were everywhere in Hawaii.  They are especially fragrant at night, and their meaning is interesting – according to Hawaiians, they stand for beauty and all the things that are good about Hawaii.  Well I can tell you one thing that’s good about Hawaii for sure and it is these macadamia nuts.

The May Long cookies were needing a change.  So I chopped up these Hawaiian honey and milk chocolate covered nuts and used them instead of some of the chocolate chips and all of the nuts in my usual recipe.

They are absolutely to die for (if I do say so myself).

Aloha May Longs

Sadly, I just had the one bag of nuts.   Almost a Lance Armstrong joke in there.  I’ll just leave it alone.

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