Food Blogging Trends I Gotta Try

I read a really great post today at i am baker.  She blogged about the 8 food blog trends that have to stay.  All of them are excellent and should stick around however, none of them are things I presently do.  Uh oh.  So… here’s my Louis Riel Day Resolution: I will learn to incorporate at least some of the 8 cool food blogging trends into my own food blog this year.  There I said it.  Now I have to do it.

Owen Chowing Down

Working on the first one already (see above) – I am learning how to embed text into my photos.  Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as you might think. I figured I could just open up a word document and stick it in my blog.  Nope.  Doesn’t work that way.  Something nerdy about file format conversion…. ugh.

Anyway, the ECBF is a patient teacher and he showed me what to do.  I blog from a Mac – which adds another element of confusion (for me anyway, I used to be a little more of a techy than I am now) and all the fancy business with the OS/x or whatever it’s called…long story short – I cried real tears learning to do this.  So I hope you like it.

Keep your eyes peeled for the other elements that I plan to incorporate over the next year of blogging.  Check out i am baker and if there’s something you like, let me know!

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