Project Pressure Cooker Cake (or “Ugh” Cake)

The ECBF and I got into pressure cooking a couple years ago when I started eating a more paleo diet.  We love the pressure cooker, especially in the winter – there are so many great things to make in it, hearty soups and stews, quick roasts, yummy chicken – you name it.  What I never thought I would ever make in my pressure cooker was a cake.

I found a recipe a few months ago that has always intrigued me, called Mexican Impossible Cake.  It isn’t what I made today, but it’s what started this fascination with pressure cooker baking.  I often check out for pressure cooker ideas, and today’s project comes to us from them as well: Upside Down Apple Peach Ricotta Cake.  I happened to have none of the ingredients on hand, so it was a convenient Saturday morning project (ugh).  What got me thinking about it was that I had a container of ricotta in the fridge and a half a can of diced peaches.  I knew there had to be an apple in there somewhere too.  But, when I started rooting around with the project on my mind, it turns out I was woefully mistaken.  Ricotta expired in December, peaches were fuzzy (and not in the good way), and the apples were all eaten (ugh).

I packed myself up and headed to the safeways.  On the way there, I got caught in a water main break on St. Mary’s – which the freshly washed MINI did not enjoy… (ugh).

Back at home we were in the midst of a homework meltdown.  What is it with homework?  I don’t remember having homework as a kid…not this much anyway (ugh).

Back to Project Pressure Cooker Cake.  What I absolutely LOVE about this recipe is that it is essentially one bowl, stir with a fork, simple.   All the wet ingredients go together, all the dry ingredients go together, sift together, stir.  Add your fruit and you’re done.  I added some peaches in lieu of apple, because I had it in my head when I woke up that that was what I was going to do.  Then you prep your pressure cooker.  You need a little water at the bottom of it, and then I overturned my metal steamer so the cake pan had something to rest on top of.


To make it easy to pull the baked cake out of the pressure cooker when done, I built some handles out of tin foil for lifting.  I realize I didn’t get a picture of that, pre-bake (ugh) – so here’s a sneak preview of the finished cake, post-bake:


Look at all that beautiful steam.  The house smells heavenly.  For all the “ughs” I seemed to say this morning, I’m pleased with how it looks so far.

Ugh Cake

Ugh Cake

The final ugh?  The ECBF HATED it.  Like, truly couldn’t stand it.  I thought it was fantastic.  Really light flavour – the texture was extremely moist – a lot like a bread pudding – and it was overall just a really nice cake.  Not like a cake, but a cake nonetheless.  Yeah, he thought it was gross.  The blond tried it and liked it.  Sort of – he hates peaches.  Ugh.

P.S.  Thoughts on my picture taking ability?  Improving isn’t it?

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