Mission: Impossible (Pie)

I love love love my friend Florence.  She can turn a bad day into a good one almost without exception.   Many times in the past eight years we’ve worked together I’ve wandered to Florence’s office, full of woe about something or other, and she has, in 10 minutes or less, made it all better.  Everyone needs a friend like Florence.   I don’t know what I’d do without her.

Florence is pretty gifty (and nifty) with the recipes.   I’ve stolen several from her over the years we’ve known one another (Seafood Lasagna and Cowboy Cookies being two favourites).  If you have a friend to whom you can say – “remember the ‘frozen spaetzle incident’?” and you both recall the moment with a smile – I guarantee you, that friend will be a friend for life.  Foodies – you know what I’m talking about, right?

Florence and I were chatting recently over lunch about pressure cooker recipes  (as an aside, Florence’s husband, Ben, has an irrational fear of pressure cooked food) and I had mentioned my plan to try the Mexican Impossible Cake (for the record, I still have not).  Florence mentioned that she too had an “Impossible” recipe.  A pie recipe for which you mix all the ingredients together in the blender before baking.  Once baked it forms three distinct layers: a “crust” layer, a middle custard layer, and a baked topping layer (by the way, the Blond found this process fascinating, but I will explain that in another post).

So…that conveniently brings me to the topic of my next series of posts (way less controversial than the “sneaky nutrition” posts and with a much more clever name, I might add) – Mission: Impossible (Pie) (insert the duh duh duh duh music here  – and do not try to tell me you didn’t hear it in your head when you read “duh duh duh duh” – see you did it again, you’re so predictable).

A little Google research indicates that there are a great number of Impossible and even some Improbable recipes out there.  Some savoury (Taco Impossible Pie), some sweet (Coconut Impossible Pie – recipe to come), and some super complicated (Mexican Impossible Cake).  I intend to try several and share my adventures with you over the next few weeks.  The grand finale may be the Mexican Impossible Cake.  We’ll see how we do.

P.S.  This is how I am presently typing this blog post, just to stay true to the theme:


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