Mission: Impossible (Pie) Coconut Variation (with Recipe)

On Monday I posted about my good friend Florence’s Impossible Pie recipe.  I got home tonight with a few minutes to spare before the Blond and Brunette’s expected arrival so (rather than my usual ritual of surveying my clean house and enjoying the quiet for a few moments with Carl), I set to work putting together my first attempt at Impossible Pie.

The idea is you blend all of your ingredients together, pour into your pie plate and bake.  The end result is a three-layered masterpiece, with a crust, a custard layer, and a baked top.  Sounds dreamy.  In my next few posts I’ll describe a variety of impossible pies – but today’s is the straightforward recipe that started me on this mission – the coconut variation.

I’ve told you about my Vitamix before.  I love this thing.  We use it nearly every day for a whole host of things – smoothies, soups, sauces.  Today it will be making me a pie.

No joke – I put every single ingredient but one in the blender.  Just like you see here:

Worth noting: look how beautiful and clean my stove top is... sigh...never lasts long

Worth noting: look how beautiful and clean my stove top is… sigh…never lasts long

I waited to add the coconut on Florence’s advice – the Vitamix would have desiccated it beyond recognition, and I wanted to maintain the consistency of the shredded coconut for the texture of the pie.

Once blended, I stirred in the coconut and poured the whole mixture into my greased pie plate.  In this case I used a shallow baking dish (Confession: I’ve never baked a pie before so I don’t own a pie plate – uh oh, will have to remedy that this weekend at Galen’s).  In all honesty – I thought a nice glass dish would allow me to give you a beautiful view of the pie, pre- and post-bake.



Post-bake (look at that gorgeous crust – nevermind about the dirty stove top – see, I told you it didn’t last long – while this pie was baking, the ECBF was making dinner for the Blond and the Brunette):

Gorgeous Crust

Side view (never mind it was lopsided):

Lopsided but still beautiful

But the truly beautiful thing is the layers when you slice it:

Impossible Pie (Coconut)

Do you see the distinct crust, custard layer, and topping?  Delightful!  And so simple and foolproof.

The Blond was fascinated that the pie separated this way in baking.  Normally not a fan of things that aren’t chocolate or vanilla, the ECBF was surprised when the Blond wanted to try it – and liked it!  The ECBF, having been recently very critical of projects undertaken for the betterment of the blog (PUBB), namely, the pressure cooker ricotta cake, liked it too but thought it was strange that a 9 year old would eat it, given that the texture is a little unusual.

I recommend this recipe to anyone.  It can’t be more simple than this.  Mission: Impossible (Pie) Coconut Variation – point KK.

Impossible Pie Recipe (courtesy of Florence)

4 eggs

1/2 cup butter, melted

1/2 cup flour

1/2 cup milk

1 cup sugar

2 tsp vanilla

1 cup coconut

Mix all but the coconut well in the blender.  Add coconut and stir, pour mixture into a greased pie plate and bake at 350 for one hour or until centre tests firm.

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