Grade 7 Baking Powder Biscuits

Do you remember home economics?  Maybe I’m dating myself a little here.  When I was in grade 7 I had to take Home Ec.  The only thing I remember clearly from that class was that we made baking powder biscuits and I quite liked them.  I still have the text book from that class so I dug it out and thought I might relive the memory of grade 7 home ec by baking Baking Powder Biscuits.

Baking Powder Biscuits

I really wish the Brunette were taking Home Ec.  It makes me so nervous when he is in the kitchen.  There are so many sharp and hot objects in there, and I am certain that some of my kitchen safety awareness came from taking Home Ec.  But I digress.

The “textbook” we had for this class was printed courtesy of the Manitoba Sugar Producers.  I’m sure I could write a whole host of blog posts on why it’s  little scary that the Sugar Producers were able to influence my education in grade 7, but that’s not the kind of blog I write.  Again, I digress.


The recipe is pretty uncomplicated, and I made the Butterscotch variation of it.  The ECBF liked them just fine.  They’re not the most gorgeous rolls I’ve made (need I remind you of these), but they are quick and easy and would do in a pinch if you wanted something simple.


Note the big stain on the page.  Apparently I wasn’t as neat in grade 7 as I am now.

What I found most interesting about this little stroll down memory lane was the section of the textbook on how to set the table.  This is another skill I wish the school would impart on the Brunette.   Wishful thinking I suppose 😉




4 thoughts on “Grade 7 Baking Powder Biscuits

  1. Too funny! I have that same text book and I made those baking powder biscuits not that long ago! I guess I’m dating myself too…

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