Tools: I Am No Friend to the Environment


You’ve heard me spout off about how it is nearly impossible to get the Blond and the Brunette to eat well.  Well, since we’ve started with the sneaky nutrition, dinner and breakfast have not really been a problem for that.  Lunches are something else altogether. I’m in charge of the lunch-making around here and it amazes me that they will go all day without eating before they will even attempt to crack open something they don’t recognize in their lunch.  They won’t even drink an unapproved drink-box flavour.

I vet nearly every lunch component with them before I add it to their routine.  It is a painstaking process, but I do it, because I would hate to be stuck at school, hungry, with a lunch that I am determined not to eat (let’s get real here, I’d eat it, because I am not ridiculously picky like they are…but nevermind about that).

I am of the belief that each lunch should contain some protein, some fruits and vegetables, and something snack-y.  A typical lunch for the Blond will be a pea-butter and jam sandwich (no peanut butter allowed), a piece of fruit (usually an apple, sometimes a banana or an orange), a juicebox (of very specific flavour), some cracker type thing or banana bread bites or other pre-packaged disgusting baked good (it’s a battle, see what I mean?), and a vegetable.

The vegetables are the problem.  UNTIL NOW.

You see, the Blond and the Brunette both have it in their heads that vegetables are only to be eaten with ranch dressing. How this happened I have no idea – I don’t eat ranch dressing, and as far as I can tell, the ECBF doesn’t eat vegetables.  But, somehow they’ve decided that vegetables are not to be eaten without a sauce.  Well, I don’t know what you know about 12 year olds and lunch boxes, but I’ll tell you what, the odd time I see that thing come home, it isn’t pretty on the inside.  So…I’m not sending them to school with Tupperware, or other re-usable containers for the purpose of dipping their vegetables.  I would never see them again.

For the past few months, I’ve been sending the ECBF to the local fast food joint down the street to (cough cough, ahem) borrow the disposable condiment containers.  I can then toss the veggies in a baggie, together with a little cupful of ranch dressing with a lid, and they will eat them.  They DO eat them.  It almost justifies the theft, right?

Well, cut to Monday or so of last week when I see a tweet come up that someone is looking for where she can purchase some of these little containers in bulk for herself.  Well, I jumped right on that – texting her to ask if she found the answer.  She did!  Thanks to the magic of the Twitterverse, she had found out they could be purchased, in bulk, from the Wholesale Club (which is a division of Galen’s empire, I might add – and I can’t believe he has been holding out on me all this time).  The ECBF and I ran over there this weekend and picked up 200 containers of our very own!  No more stealing, I promise.

And as for the environment – I get it, this isn’t the most efficient use of plastic ever, but I ask you this – if it gets vegetables in their tummies every day, isn’t it a little bit worth it?

2 thoughts on “Tools: I Am No Friend to the Environment

  1. If you should ever decide to save the earth, give them 25 cents for every container that they bring home. At most, it’ll cost you a couple bucks a week, but that’s the only way I was able to maintain a comprehensive stock of tupperware lids.

    • What a great idea! Unfortunately, if I’m going to start rewarding “retrieval” behaviours, I should probably start with the basics, like rewarding them when they come home with both shoes. Just kidding – they’re actually pretty great at both shoe and container-remembering.

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