In The Interests of Full Disclosure: Pie

Can I confess something to you?  I’ve never made a pie.  Like never ever.

Isn’t that horrible?

Want to hear the next-most horrible thing?  I went to bake my first pie.  Like ever.  This weekend.  And it turns out I don’t even own a pie plate.  OMG.

Well, I overcame that pieplate-tastrophe by using a shallow 8″ cake pan, and what follows is my delicious blueberry cream pie (it tasted way better than it looks, but I promise you, it still looked pretty good considering what happened).

DSC_1146 DSC_1157

I will be posting in a few days about the May Long: Carrot Cake cookies.  These gems (just wait til you see them) were in the fridge (please keep in mind, in blog land, I actually write almost all posts for the month over one weekend, so all the baking is in the fridge at the same time) on the top shelf.   The Blond and I were home alone watching The Middle (a program we both enjoy), and he had a hankering for a cookie.  I got the container down from the fridge and he helped himself to a cookie, after which, he (oh so sweetly – such a good kid), went to put the container back on the top shelf.  The Blond is sweet but he’s little.  So reaching to the top shelf of the fridge was a stretch (no pun intended). In any event, the container of cookies slipped off that shelf and down on top of the blueberry cream pie.  Not to worry, my friends, no pie was harmed in this stunt – it just took a little dent.  Ok, a big dent.  But not as big as the dent the ECBF and I put into it that night after dinner.  Wow.  SO DELICIOUS.

The recipe was a few different ideas put together, and the pie crust was Martha’s.  I was trying to recreate a pie my mom always made for my brother Jeff’s birthday every year.  We haven’t had that dessert in ages.  The recipe is modified from a variety of sources, but I intend to play with it a bit more, after which I’ll post it for all to see.  Stay tuned for that.

2 thoughts on “In The Interests of Full Disclosure: Pie

  1. LOL! Looks yummy, congrats on pushing your limits to the pie level! I have pie pans – almost never used – if you ever want to borrow 🙂

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