Pizza Part II

I mentioned last week about this focaccia bread recipe I fell in love with.  Well we were having pizza night on Sunday and I thought it was time to try another Wheat Belly recipe. I’ve tried gluten-free crusts before and let me tell you, what a pain they are.  We’ve been fancy with the shredded … Continue reading

Biscoff Spread Cookies

Sugar Plum has posted several times about Biscoff spread and I’ve been trying to get my hands on some for over a year now.  So many recipes are out there calling for this stuff and they all look SO GOOD.  Because it isn’t something that we can get up here, on a recent trip to … Continue reading

While we are on the subject of luck…

Since I recently posted about how lucky I am to have the ECBF baking eggs for me all over the place, I thought I should also tell you how lucky I am to have the best Zumba class ever. I teach Zumba a couple times a week to the most wonderful ladies.  It usually does … Continue reading

How lucky am I?

I haven’t been feeling well the past little while and the ECBF has been pretty good at keeping me happy, fed, medicated.  Such a great guy – I am so lucky. Sunday was pretty much a write-off for me and I stayed close to bed most of the day.  For lunch I was treated to … Continue reading

Wheat Free Focaccia

I’ve posted before about how I feel about wheat.  Me – personally – how I feel about it.  Obviously I don’t think everyone needs to feel this way – otherwise I wouldn’t be constantly baking things for everybody.  Anyway, I feel this way because I know how wheat, and grains generally, make me feel. There’s a … Continue reading

Coconut Sugar Banana Bread

I love the Costcos.  Where else can you buy a lifetime supply of peanut butter AND get a free meal served to you while you shop by an assortment of hairnet wearing ladies? Yeah buddy. We picked up a big bag of coconut sugar when we were there last.  We’ve had it once before, a … Continue reading

Ode to Parrot

I am absolutely in love with my friend and coworker Pierrette (aka Parrot).  She’s so special to me, words could not describe it. Parrot’s birthday was recently and she likes to take the day off work so I knew I wouldn’t see her.  But I still wanted to bake her something special so I put … Continue reading