Easter Treats

Picky Palate comes up with some good easy recipes, and when I need to whip up something that tastes great in a hurry – she’s the blogger I turn to first.

This week was my treat day at the office and because I wanted it to be a good one, I decided to bring in a treat every day.  If you follow me on twitter, there was some colour commentary provided by my coworker, @rockox_selinger.  Anyway – the treats this week were, for the most part, Easter themed, and included both Cadbury Creme Egg cupcakes (a fail, that I will explain in my next post), and also these Cadbury Creme Egg Cookie Bars, courtesy of the aforementioned Picky Palate.  Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of them all pretty and sliced up, but you get the idea:


I ran into a few small snags with this recipe – I would have omitted the chocolate chips in favour of more creme egg, I didn’t feel that the creme egg distribution was even.  But otherwise, a great, easy, and really neat recipe to try.  Doesn’t take very long, and tastes great.  You can find the original Picky Palate recipe here.

I found it almost therapeutic to chop the snot out of these creme eggs:


I used a whole package of the minis in lieu of 5 big ones as called for in the recipe.  I would have still added more.

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