May Long: Carrot Cake Version

I’ve been really playing around with the idea of different variations on my May Long cookie.  I’ve got a few simple variations up my sleeve, a butterfinger version, the aloha version, but since the wild success of my black forest version, I really wanted to mix it up again.




These are carrot cake cookies (and they contain all the usual carrot cake ingredients: ginger, nutmeg, walnuts, coconut – coconut?).   But you can’t have carrot cake without cream cheese, can you?  So I made a light and stable cream cheese frosting, which I piped between two cookies to make the ultimate carrot cake cookie sandwich.  Am I right?

If I did it again I would omit the white chocolate chips from the cookie recipe.  They weren’t needed once I added the cream cheese frosting.   Nonetheless, the flavour was bang-on for these guys.  I’m pleased to add them to the May Long family.

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