Coconut Sugar Banana Bread

I love the Costcos.  Where else can you buy a lifetime supply of peanut butter AND get a free meal served to you while you shop by an assortment of hairnet wearing ladies? Yeah buddy.

We picked up a big bag of coconut sugar when we were there last.  We’ve had it once before, a much smaller bag mind you, to sweeten our coffee in the morning.  Both the ECBF and I quite liked it, but it ran out, we went back to our Stevia and Splenda, and that was the end of that.  Until we saw the giant bag of coconut sugar calling us last weekend.  So of course we had to buy it.  Now, I don’t know how much sugar you put in your morning coffee, but it will take us a year to finish this gigantic bag.  I decided I better find something to bake with it.  The best place to start when you’ve got a new-ish product, is the product website.  From there  I was drawn to a couple other sites, and eventually I settled on this recipe for Coconut Sugar Banana Bread.

Of course you know I don’t do low-fat, so I replaced the low-fat yogurt with greek yogurt, but otherwise stayed true to the recipe.  The animals loved it.  It wasn’t a super moist and gooey banana bread – it was the kind you serve warm with a big pat of butter on it.  There is sometimes no better comfort food than that.

DSC_0017 DSC_0020

Speaking of comfort – look at this happy face – stuffed full of banana bread on a Saturday morning!




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