How lucky am I?

I haven’t been feeling well the past little while and the ECBF has been pretty good at keeping me happy, fed, medicated.  Such a great guy – I am so lucky.

Sunday was pretty much a write-off for me and I stayed close to bed most of the day.  For lunch I was treated to the most delicious baked eggs ever.

Have you ever had eggs baked inside a hollowed out tomato?  With a little garlic powder and some mozzarella on top, it is so good…

Baked Eggs

While I lay here feeling yucky, I’ve been able to catch up on a few blogs that I follow (and that I’ve been slipping behind with my reading). I came across a new one (well, she isn’t new, but she’s new to me) that I’m definitely adding to my blog roll, because I laughed so hard while reading her that I actually hurt myself and the ECBF came running.  But I’ll come back to that in a second.

Ok, that last part is a lie.  When I hurt myself, and I call out “Ouch” or “Oh no!” or “&#$*!”  I always wait a few seconds to see if the ECBF will respond.  He almost never does.  Ok, he totally never does.  It makes me crazy.  So then I holler out “I’m ok!” and he usually says “oh good” – meanwhile not having moved from wherever he is lounging when I hurt myself.  What is it going to take to get him to come running when I have some kind of drama in another room?  What if it were serious?  I get it, I like the drama, but how does he know?  One of these days I’m not going to add the “I’m ok!” and see if that gets him off the couch to rescue me.

Need I remind you of the time I got my pants caught in the oven?  That was serious.  Serious drama can unfold when you least expect it.  The ECBF clearly does not show the appropriate amount of reverence for my ‘tastrophe-ability.

He does, however, show the appropriate amount of reverence for baked eggs.  So for now we’ll keep him.

Back to super awesome new blogger: The Domestic Rebel – I so recommend her.  And I’ll be giving a couple of her recipes a test-drive in the next few weeks.  So stay tuned.  The first is her recipe for deep-dish Biscoff cookies.  The post appealed to me because she had a very ‘tastrophic day in a TJ Maxx change-room – I read that post and immediately knew she was a kindred spirit.  The ECBF read it and rolled his eyes, saying, “she sounds just like you”.  Not very much later, I spilled an entire bag (and if you read the post, you know it was a big bag) of coconut sugar on the floor of the kitchen, shrieking the entire time.  He didn’t even come see.  Grrrr.

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