While we are on the subject of luck…

Since I recently posted about how lucky I am to have the ECBF baking eggs for me all over the place, I thought I should also tell you how lucky I am to have the best Zumba class ever.

I teach Zumba a couple times a week to the most wonderful ladies.  It usually does not matter if I’m feeling down, have a headache, a cold, whatever, I can suck it up and teach that class because the energy is so over the top that it cheers me up, makes me feel better, and gives me what I need almost instantly.  It is one of the most rewarding things I do during the week.  Not only is it great exercise, physically, but it keeps my brain moving (that’s a lot of choreography, people), and puts a smile on face (shake, wiggle, giggle).

The class has been with me for a couple years now and we’ve gotten to know one another a little bit.  The women are mostly from my neighbourhood, which is also really great – because  I live in a great neighbourhood with wonderful people.  One of my favourite Zumba participants – Gail, spends winters somewhere warm (speaking of lucky), and misses a few classes while she’s away.  We miss her terribly when she’s not around – but I was so pleasantly surprised that she thought to bring me a present when she came back to class last week!

Zumba Vanilla

So again I ask you – how lucky am I?

I hate to use really good tasting vanilla (which I’m sure this is) on something plain and boring, so I’m saving it up for a really great recipe.  Stay tuned…

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