Biscoff Spread Cookies

Sugar Plum has posted several times about Biscoff spread and I’ve been trying to get my hands on some for over a year now.  So many recipes are out there calling for this stuff and they all look SO GOOD.  Because it isn’t something that we can get up here, on a recent trip to LV, we were on the lookout for it.

If you haven’t flown Delta, you may never have tasted the delicious shortbread-y, cinnamon-y cookies they serve, called Biscoff cookies.  To think that you could turn a cookie into a spreadable butter?  Seriously, what will those scientists come up with next?  Information generally can be found on the Biscoff website, but I was saddened to discover that our good friends at Wikipedia had absolutely nothing to say about it at all.  We may be in a small fight with Wikipedia over what is clearly a hole in their breadth of material.

Back to the Biscoff.  I finally brought a jar up from the pantry this morning for the boys to have a taste.  I put a little bit on Wasa toast for the Blond for breakfast and the others tried it on a spoon.  Everyone agreed it tasted awesome.  Plans are in the works for a Biscoff and jelly sandwich for lunches tomorrow.  This plan depends heavily on a late-night run to 7-11 to pick up bread.  I digress.  I have been absolutely aching to bake something with this stuff and have looked at about a trillion Biscoff recipes to try to pick just the right one.  Because I have so few jars of this stuff, I really have to ration it.


There’s a great website with the 25 best Biscoff recipes.  I highly recommend a peruse before settling on your very own Biscoff masterpiece.  I had competing votes coming from all sides on this one.  The BECBF (Brother of the East Coast Boyfriend) wanted something with marshmallow fluff, the Blond wanted something with peanut butter, and the Brunette wanted cookies.  In the end I settled on a variation of the recipe I found through my new favourite blogger, The Domestic Rebel: Deep Dish Biscoff Peanut Butter Chip Cookies.  I’ve mentioned in a previous post that she’s definitely a kindred spirit, having also been trapped in a TJ Maxx change room with a dress that was hell bent on taking her life.

I’m sorry – did you say deep dish cookies?  Umm… sign me up.

For this purpose you’re going to need your muffin top pan.  It’s appropriately named because these cookies are no friend to your muffin-top reduction plan.

Muffin Top

I hate to say this but the guys all think this recipe is tough competition for my May Long cookies.  It is chewy and moist but crumbly and sugar-y all at the same time.  I didn’t have many peanut butter chips in the pantry so I swapped with some butterscotch, but the contrast of salty and sweet is so perfect in this recipe.  Truly a nice light flavour, combined with the texture – really a great cookie overall.  I also did some minor swapping with the sugars.  I stayed true to the recipe except for the replacement of 1/4 cup of brown sugar for 1/4 cup of coconut sugar (I’m trying to use it up, if you recall from this previous post), and  I used slightly more biscoff spread, and slightly less butter, and because I only had one cup of peanut butter chips, the rest called for were butterscotch.

Muffin Top

The Blond wanted whipped cream with his, which is exactly how I served them, with a little dusting of dark chocolate on top – just for contrast.

Biscoff Whipped Cream

I strongly recommend this recipe.  Get on it.

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