Pizza Part II

I mentioned last week about this focaccia bread recipe I fell in love with.  Well we were having pizza night on Sunday and I thought it was time to try another Wheat Belly recipe.

I’ve tried gluten-free crusts before and let me tell you, what a pain they are.  We’ve been fancy with the shredded zucchini crust, we’ve tried the brown rice flour crust – but they’re always time consuming and there is no pay off with the taste.  Cardboard, really.  Well, the zucchini one was good but it took forever and involved grating pounds of zucchini.

The Wheat Belly pizza crust (recipe I), is awesome.  And easy.  If you have what you need (and I did, because I’d made the focaccia bread recipe and conveniently had just enough of everything I needed left over – how fortuitous!), it’s easy as … well.. pie?

The guys had their regular pizza crust and I had this.  I kept it pretty simple, artichoke hearts, tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and onion.  Yum.

wheat belly pizza

wheat belly pizza

The Blond and the Brunette won’t eat pizza with anything on it.  They want cheese.  Just cheese.  I don’t remember a time when I only wanted cheese pizzas, but I’m sure at one time I did.  Now there are so many exciting things to put on pizza – my personal favourite being BBQ Chicken pizza.  There is no way they would even touch it, never mind taste it.  What are some of your favourite pizza toppings?

3 thoughts on “Pizza Part II

  1. Have made once with a white sauce (or something resembling a “sauce”) but it was a long time ago … I confess, this is my fave topping to order from “222-…”

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