Tools: Really Cool Cutter Thingee

How do you pronounce “Thingee”.  The ECBF tells me I pronounce it wrong.  I say “ThinGee” with a hard “G”.  He says the G is soft and the emphasis is on the “ee”.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to say “Eeeeeeee” – I use it a lot, but I’m pretty sure it should be … Continue reading

Graphic Cake

Not long ago, a friend asked me to bake a cake for her husband’s birthday.  It was relatively short notice but I was up for the challenge.  You see, she had something very specific in mind and it was something I’ve never tried before… Ask around and I think you’ll find that many bakers have … Continue reading

The problem with blogs

I love baking.  I love blogs.  I love blogging about baking, and blogs.  So I do. Everyone needs a hobby, right?  No, seriously – everyone needs a hobby.  This world would be a wonderful place if we all had an outlet.  I know people who have nothing other than their jobs and their friends/family.  That’s … Continue reading


So many things went wrong on this one, but in the end I was happy when it went out the door. I didn’t think I would blog about it – I was incredibly unhappy with how it turned out – but we’re our own worst critics aren’t we?  I happened to be reading a blog … Continue reading

Tools: Wilton Water Pen

I’ve got Wilton issues, that I won’t go into here, but I was shopping online for some baking-related goodies not long ago and this little nifty tool caught my eye, so I picked one up. Am I ever glad I did. Sometimes, when I’m working with a lot of fondant detail, I pour a little … Continue reading

KK – 2, Egg Whites – 0

Remember when I told you about my victory over egg whites?  Well I needed yolks only for the Paula Deen Black Bottomed Banana Cream (Creme) Tart recipe I blogged about recently and so I ended up with a cup of egg whites with no home (so sad…). A great use for leftover egg whites is … Continue reading

You have been so patient

So I left you hanging on the “Paula Deen Black Bottomed Banana Cream (Creme) Tart“.  Well, your wait is over!  Here it is: Can I just tell you that this is possibly the best thing (in my opinion anyway) that I’ve ever made?  I am a sucker (as you know, for magazines, but also) for … Continue reading