When Time Management Goes Wrong

This post really doesn’t have anything to do with time management, but I was at the gym today and I was reminded of a horrifying ‘tastrophe that happened to me a couple years ago, and since I’ve been posting about my ‘tastrophes lately, I thought I better share it with all of you.  It only applies to time management in that, because I didn’t have time, my personal management went out the window.  You’ll see what I mean in a moment.

I sometimes teach a class at the gym at 6:30 in the evening.  This means I pack my gym bag in the morning and bring it with me to the office.  I usually work til about 5:45 and then I leave, drive the 15 minute drive, and I have about 15 minutes to change once I get there so I can be in my class, ready to go, for 15 minutes before the class starts.  This way I can help new people get set up, answer questions, but most importantly, visit with my regular participants (I love that part).  Typically, I carefully fold my work clothes and put them in a plastic bag inside my gym bag to take home at the end of the class, that way they don’t get caught up in my shoes or water bottle or anything that’s loose in my gym bag.  I’ve been doing this for years, I have it down to a science.  Or so I thought.

A couple years ago I was teaching such a class – but I was delayed at the office slightly, and unable to leave until closer to 6, so I really had to rush to get to the gym.  I only had about 5 minutes to change, and I was flustered about this (as I sometimes get, no big deal).  I (let’s say, carelessly) shoved all my work clothes into my gym bag, grabbed my shoes and ran in my sock feet to the class room.  I rushed into the class, ready to go, and was setting up my mic when the ‘tastrophe struck.

Because we use a cordless microphone to teach, I wear a neoprene mic-belt around my waist to house the transmitter portion of the microphone.  A wire goes up the back of my shirt to the headset.  I was busy doing my introductions to the class and yammering away about how flustered I was that I wasn’t able to get the mic-belt done up.  It is a simple little clip that connects both ends around your waist and I could not get it to fasten.  Anyway, I am babbling on and on to the class about whatever, trying to multi-task my introductions with my mic-belt set-up, and they are looking at me with…I don’t even know how to describe the expression: horror?  I can tell you that there was a man in the front row that looked amused, and several women who were trying to get my attention by doing the wide-eyed, “um KK, take a look down” signal. Thanks for that, ladies.

When I did finally look down I could clearly see where I had gone wrong.  So very very wrong.  Instead of trying to do up my mic-belt around my waist, I was desperately trying to attach my pink lace bra around my waist.  I had even shoved the transmitter into one pathetically pink-laced cup.




Doesn’t matter, it was both.

The ECBF reminds me that the internet is forever.  But because I’m two years out from this particular ‘tastrophe, I think I’m ok to talk about it now.  I found this therapeutic.  Thanks for listening.

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