A Sucker Born Every Minute

I am a sucker for food magazines.  How is this even possible?  I don’t even know when it started, but I hoard them like a squirrel with nuts.  You would think that the internet (which is my preferred source of recipes) would have replaced this ridiculous addiction, but unfortunately, my check-out line compulsions continue.

And you know what?  I almost never make any of the recipes in them.  What is THAT all about.

This past week the Blond and I were at Galen’s picking up a few emergency items (Draino – I apparently shed in the Spring, and whipping cream – how do you run out of that) and while we patiently waited in the longest line (oh, did I mention that I always pick the longest line so I have more time to read the magazines?  See?  I have a problem and I need help!), the Food Network Magazine caught my eye.


Let’s think about this.  Ok?  The Food Network.  Like, on TV.  Has a magazine.  Let it work its way through your head.  Are we going backwards with technology?  Nonetheless, I was drawn to it, why?  Because it had the most gorgeous cinnamon rolls on the cover.  No joke, they looked perfect in every way.  I sent the Blond to grab it for me immediately (he is so well trained, he also knew to grab Martha and a Clean Eating while he was at the rack – two other favourites of mine).

I’ve been home alone this weekend (as I mentioned previously, the ECBF has been home visiting family) and I thought, no problem, I can whip up these rolls – easy.  I was going to break my streak of buying but not baking.  I had all the ingredients lined up last night to get the dough ready for this morning, and you know what?  I didn’t even make it.

Un-inspired.  The streak continues.

Where do you get your recipe inspiration from?  I suppose it comes from a variety of places for me, but not magazines.  The magazine never seems to have the right recipe for the right time.  Until now.  I can’t write a blog post about a magazine recipe and not actually make a magazine recipe – right?  So here it is:

I give you, Paula Deen’s Black-Bottom Banana Cream Tart.

I dug through some old magazines til I found the one I wanted,  Paula Deen’s Best Desserts, August 2010.  I picked it up when I was visiting my mom in Florida.  I love banana cream anything.  Although I would probably call it Banana Creme but whatever.  They can do whatever they want in the South.


I switched up the recipe a little bit but the original can’t even be found on the internet (maybe magazine recipes do serve a purpose).  I didn’t have enough chocolate crumbs so I mixed chocolate and graham, and I did a little variation on the ganache layer.  But see? That’s the black bottom part – the chocolate sitting at the bottom of the tart.  I didn’t have a tart pan with removable bottom, so I used a cheesecake pan instead.  The cream (ahem, creme) custard filling was the most amazing part.  I stirred the heck out of that stuff, for 15  minutes, finally thinking Paula was snapped to suggest it would eventually thicken, but sure enough, it thickened to the most amazing texture.  Way to go Paula!

The black bottom:


Now this is what we’re going to call a “teaser post” – because I will post the rest of the details about this dessert later!  Oh no she didn’t.  OH YES I DID.

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