You have been so patient

So I left you hanging on the “Paula Deen Black Bottomed Banana Cream (Creme) Tart“.  Well, your wait is over!  Here it is:


Can I just tell you that this is possibly the best thing (in my opinion anyway) that I’ve ever made?  I am a sucker (as you know, for magazines, but also) for banana cream (ugh, creme) anything.

THIS WAS AWESOME.  I will be making it again and again.  Not only was it delicious but it looked pretty good too – don’t you think? And that custard, that I didn’t believe would ever turn to custard?  It was the best part – light flavour, that let the bananas stand out, and the ganache was just the right contrast of bitter to the sweet.  The whipped cream with the light graham crust tied the whole thing together.  Yay for Paula Deen!

Let’s review, can you see the black bottom-ness of it?  That’s the layer of chocolate ganache:


At first I thought the crust was too crumbly – and it was quite crumbly, but it worked, you know?


I sliced it at work so the pics were on my little camera, but boy oh boy am I ever glad I got pictures of the inside!


So now my self-imposed magazine-baking stand-off is over!  And because I have all the faith in Paula Deen in the world following this huge success, I will absolutely be trying more from her Best Desserts 2010.  There are 125 recipes…what shall I choose next?

P.S.  Remember my work frenemy, PDF?  He even liked it.  My usual security guard, @rockox_selinger wasn’t around to guard the goodies so PDF managed to snaggle himself a piece.  Grrrr.

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