So many things went wrong on this one, but in the end I was happy when it went out the door.

I didn’t think I would blog about it – I was incredibly unhappy with how it turned out – but we’re our own worst critics aren’t we?  I happened to be reading a blog post that very day by Sweet Sugar Belle where she pointed out all the things that were wrong with a cookie she had posted a picture of.  I hadn’t noticed a single one – but of course she did.  It’s true – we see everything that’s wrong with our own art work – but not every one else will be as critical.  And even more importantly, sometimes you just have to let things go.

Isn’t that true of most things?  I let so many things just nag and nag at me.  If I let it, it will drive me nuts.  This cake, even though I wanted so very much to toss it in the garbage and start fresh (despite seriously not having enough time to do that – nor enough energy) – was important to me for that reason.  I had to let this go.


In the end the birthday girl had a smile on her face and that’s really what’s important.  The cake wasn’t about me, or my skills, it was about her big day – and I just wanted it to be perfect for her.  I’m a little sad that it wasn’t perfect to my standards, but keeping in mind that I see screw-ups that she won’t see – I had to let it go out the door.

The good news is, I learned so many things making this cake.  If I had to do it all over again today – I would nail every single element. I’m getting better, every cake, a little better.


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