Tools: Painter’s Tape

So, as much as I love my label-maker (and I do love it.  Love love love it), I hate putting labels on my pantry items.  Why?  Because it is an absolute pain to peel them off.  I like to put the date on things, so for some things that I just always have around, I put a label-maker label on the glass jar, and then I put the date on the bottom, on a piece of painter’s tape.  This makes it super easy to remove, when I need to.

When I have something one-off, that I doubt I’ll have as a regular item in my pantry – like the coffee extract I posted about last week, I just put the whole label on as painter’s tape.

Like this:

Painter's Tape

I like knowing when I put something in the pantry – and so dating things has just become a habit for me.  I wish my pantry were clean enough that I can show you a picture of it – but it is in a constant state of disaster, post-project.  It would not be an exaggeration to say that the pantry was definitely a huge selling feature of this house.  Just a little cold-storage room in the basement but it makes me so happy.

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