Peanut Butter Pie

Remember when I told you you can’t believe everything you read on the internet?  Well there are always these recipes floating around on the Facebook so I thought I would give one a whirl this weekend.


It really was a good-er.

My parents spend their winters in Florida, avoiding all things icy and cold in favour of beaches and sunshine – with one exception – peanut butter pie.  This ice cream confection is said to have originated in Florida (ok, my mom told me that, and I can find no source to independently verify her story so it could totally be bull but we’re going with it for the purposes of today’s post, ok?).  When I was a child and in Florida on a family vacation, I remember trying it and loving it.  I didn’t get back to Florida again until my thirties, when I would go for a week or two to visit my parents each winter.  My mom always has a line on who has the best peanut butter pie on their menu, having had a couple months before my visit to do some “market research”.

I was disappointed (as was she) when we asked the waitress at one year’s favourite source of pie if we could get the recipe from the chef, and we were told the pies were delivered each day by Sysco and she had no idea if they would give us the recipe.  Yikes, mass-produced, and yet…so so tasty.  Way to go Sysco, but did we ever feel dumb, holding ourselves out as peanut butter pie connoisseurs.

Like most posts on Facebook (in my news feed anyway), this one was fleeting.  I quickly jotted down the link (no thanks, I don’t want to repost/share a recipe that I haven’t actually tried yet) and put it on my list of things to try.  And try we did.  One weekend when the boys were out somewhere all day, I put together dinner and had enough time left over to whip this up.  Simple recipe, no baking required, and it was delicious!


I have to say that I was mostly impressed by the crust on this one.  Instead of the typical graham cracker or oreo crust, this one was RK based – and the RK was held together, not by marshmallows, but by a mixture of chocolate and butter.  If I did it again, I might make the base with Mars Bar and RK (which is my preferred way to make RKT, if you were wondering).  Regardless of base, it’s the pie itself that will knock your flippin’ socks off.  Creamy and dreamy and peanut-buttery yummy.  Not the prettiest thing I’ve ever put together on a whim, but definitely a big hit with the peanut butter lovers in this house.

Speaking of peanut butter lovers that live here – Carl was recently spotted jotting down his memoirs ON THE KITCHEN TABLE.



Don’t worry everybody – everything was disinfected and he was promptly reprimanded (cough cough, right after I snapped a pic).

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