Tools: Bismark Tip

Several years ago now, when I was just starting with cupcakes, I was trying to find an easy way to inject filling into them.  Cupcakes are great, but when they have something yummy hidden in them, now that’s really great.  There are a million and one cupcake flavour options, and I’ve talked about a few completely outside the box ideas last week with the Cardamom-Spiced Cupcakes with Coffee Buttercream and the Earl Grey Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream.  But you can take a simple vanilla cake and make it into something spectacular with the right filling.  Or, you can take simple chocolate cake …  it really doesn’t matter – the possibilities are absolutely endless (wait, can something be absolute and endless? I digress…).

I’ve done all sorts of research, and even picked up a variety of tools for the purpose of putting a filling into the inside of a cupcake.  Some recipes recommend using a spoon to hollow out the centre, after you carefully slice the top off the cupcake.  Some tools out there exist for the purpose of drilling a hole into the cupcake – coring the cupcake, if you will, for the purposes of getting the filling in there.  None of this nonsense is necessary.

The trick is in the tip.

My go-to for cupcake filling is my trusty Bismark Tip.

Bismark Tip

She’s not pretty but she gets the job done.  That’s a Wilton 230.  I picked it up at Bulk Barn way back but as far as I know, you can still find them there, if you look through the tip bins in the cake section.  It’s a long, skinny tip that you essentially inject filling into a cupcake with.  You jab the tip right in there, and squeeze your piping bag full of filling, until, well, you can’t really squeeze any more, and then you pull it back out.   It leaves a dollop of filling on the top of your cupcake, by the hole left by the Bismark Tip, like this:

Bismark Tip Aftermath

But you don’t care.  Why?  Because you’re about to pipe delicious buttercream right over top of that.  And so the ugly mess you left, will eventually, look like this:


NBD (no big deal).  Beautiful.  And easy.  There’s a joke in there somewhere, but I’m going to leave it alone.

When you slice the cupcake in half, you’ll see a gorgeous ribbon of fruit filling:


If you want the filling to be denser than that – or, if you’re using a cream filling, you may want to poke two holes in the cupcake top, to get a little more into the cupcake.

It has taken me a while to get used to the idea that the cake doesn’t actually go anywhere.  I mean, you don’t need to cut any out to make room for the filling – so where did all the extra cake go?  One of the mysteries of the universe I suppose.  One I’m willing to let stay a mystery as long as I get to be a superhero when I show up with these awesome cupcakes and everyone thinks I worked my magic!

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