Blogtastrophe and the Story of the Other Pineapple

It’s no secret, I like to control things.  I need to be in control of just about everything in my life, otherwise I am miserable (or so I’m told).

IMHO, if I am not in charge – it won’t be done right.  Isn’t that an awful way to be?  I really do hate that about myself.  And now, with the ECBF, and the Blond and the Brunette running around here, I have way less control than I’ve ever had before.  I am trying so hard to learn to let go of things, where possible, while still maintaining control where I can.  Because that’s easy, right?

Well two horrifyingly out of control things happened this weekend (three, if you count me stubbing my toe not once, but THREE TIMES).

First: after a successful and fun Costco shop with the ECBF, we were loading up the car and I sat down in the car to call my brother (long story, but the call had to be made) and left the ECBF to load up the groceries (I’m very lucky, he does stuff like that).  We got all the way home, and I was busy unloading the groceries (the ECBF is lucky, I do stuff like that), and I can’t for the life of me figure out what happened to the other pineapple.

Or the eggs.

Or the chicken thighs.


WTF.  No, seriously, I hate to throw WTFs out there willy nilly – but this was a serious situation.  All of the world’s smelliest foods were missing.  On a hot day.  On or around the car.  WTF.

When we packed up the cart, we had to use the bottom of the cart (you know, the place where you generally stick the soft drinks – who uses that shelf anyway) to put the box with the pineapple, eggs, chicken and fish.  The ECBF even said at the time, “oh great, I’ll have to remember to grab that box.”  And we laughed, because it’s just like him to forget to do that.

Well when I got in the car, and he loaded up the trunk and put the cart back, he left that box exactly where it was, on the bottom shelf of the cart.  Some poor cart boy is in for a stinky surprise and we are out like $50 worth of food.  Ugh.  Sucks.  So instead of yummy salmon for dinner, I ate a bag of Chicago Mix popcorn.  Can we talk about that for a second?  Who would have thought that cheese popcorn blended with caramel popcorn could be a good thing.  And yet?  I am fiercely addicted.

Back to the out-of-control aspects of my weekend though, because I hate to dwell on the positive all of the time:

My blog disappeared.

No, seriously, it just up and went away.  I went to craft my blog posts for the next three weeks (I like to write them all in one sitting where I can, it is a little better for me time-management-wise), and I needed to look at something on the blog, and it was gone.  After a few panicked phone calls to the ECBF, we got it back and running (sort of, there are still a couple minor glitches as of the time I am typing this) so hopefully the crisis has been averted, but, the long and short of it is, I think I need to re-engineer how I manage this thing.

Does anyone have any good tips for converting to a self-hosted blog?  I’m not really sure how I should go about that, but I think it may be time.  I have a loyal following – I am starting to get quite a bit more traffic, and I can’t really afford to lose things.  I would (and here’s where we come full circle from the introductory paragraph) really prefer to control my own stuff.

If there’s advice to be had out there, please feel free to send me an email (look to the right of the screen, my contact info is there), or post a comment below.



2 thoughts on “Blogtastrophe and the Story of the Other Pineapple

  1. No blog advice to offer but the popcorn … oh ya, totally addictive. I’m hooked on the sweet & salty variety at the moment.

  2. Ewww, stinky fish! When I switched to self-hosted, I found it quite an irritating process. Nobody tells you *everything* you need to do. My main tip is to use, mainly because they have useful youtube videos on how to change over hosts and their support people were very understanding considering my technical stupidity. My other main tip is that WordPress support are pretty helpful, especially when it came to migrating my lovely followers. Good luck! x

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