It’s a Monster

Work friend @rockox_selinger enlisted my help for his 1-year old son’s birthday cake this past weekend.  It was a monster.  Literally.

Hulk themed cake with accompanying hulk-themed smash cake.  As Rockox puts it: that’s the joke.  Hulk Smash.  Get it?  Oh come on.

DSC_0057 DSC_0062

What I’ve noticed from these cake projects I undertake is that I always seem to learn a thing or two.  Not just about the cake-making process itself (i.e. finding a better way to grease a cake pan), but also about how I approach a project.  In particular, I’ve noticed in the last few cake projects that I haven’t been doing enough cake projects, and in enough frequency of cake projects, to really be getting better.  I do a cake, wait a couple months, do another cake.  And in the time inbetween, well, I seem to get rusty.  So… I guess the time has come to decide…is this something I want to do?  Or is this something I want to dabble in.

If I dabble, I fear I will never get the skills I need to be really very good.  And what’s worse, the way I take on these projects, over a weekend-evening – it’s just too stressful.  I get home from work, set up my stuff, deal with dinner, start my project, and then at 2 am, I’m exhausted and frustrated, and well…the enjoyment is lost.

So I need to make a change.  What kind of change?  I don’t know the answer to that yet.  Life got so busy – and cakes took a backseat, but I used to love these projects, and now I loathe them – so… I need to turn my mind to what it will take to bring this back to fun.

That’s the real monster here.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Monster

  1. It looks amazing, you should definitely keep it up, that takes some real talent.
    And as for greasing cake tins? Cake release spray. All. The. Way. I swear by it!

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