Carnival Foodie

I’m a carnival foodie.  Seriously.  I’ve been involved with our local exhibition, the Red River Ex, off and on for many years, and my family has also been involved my whole life.  If there’s one thing that signals summer for me (and brings with it a flood of happy memories), it’s the smell of mini donuts – a Red River Ex tradition.


I keep a pretty close watch on my diet but all rules go out the window come carnival time.  My personal best was the year we had the double bacon cheeseburgers sandwiched between two glazed donuts in lieu of a bun.  That was good eats, people.  This year the “Ex” put on a whole new kind of food-stravaganza, introducing an aisle of local food trucks to the Ex line-up of vendors and I was thrilled to get to sample as much of it as possible.  My waist-line, not so much – but enough about that.

This year’s highlight had to be the chicken wings from Little Bones Wingery.  If you want to check them out, their web page can be found here.  I will definitely be coming back to these guys for wings – they were delicious.  I highly recommend the By the Sea wings, or the Honey Garlic.  I wish I had snapped a pic of them, but umm….I ate them too fast, and no one likes a picture of a pile of bones and some wet naps, am I right?

Dessert at the fair can be any number of deep-fried options, but let me tell you – deep fried strawberry shortcake has to be the top of my all-time best deep-fried desserts list.  How can that be BAD?


Deep fried pie…mmmmm….

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