Flex those Mussels

A busy weekend of cake making has taken its toll.  How better to relax and enjoy some quiet time with Mr. Tickled Pink (it’s a name I’m trying out for the ECBF – let’s see how he likes it), than to let him cook me dinner and pour me a glass of wine.

Am I right?

All kidding aside, the ECBF takes very good care of me – and although he lets me take care of the baking in this family, he’s a pretty great cook.  We were at the Costcos (remind me to tell you about our most recent Costco-tastrophe – very similar to the one I blogged about a couple weeks ago) and spied some nice-looking mussels.  We’ve never tried making our own – but it’s a favourite treat when we have a night out together – mussels and fries – the ultimate comfort food.

My favourite mussels and fries come from Inferno’s, where they have several flavours to choose from – the best in my opinion being the sweet curry.  The broth is so delicious that when you’re done with the mussels, you can eat it like a soup (and I do).  The ECBF can recreate a recipe very much like a prodigy can play a song by ear.  He did not disappoint with this one.  It was bang on.

Mussels are so easy to do.  I wish we had come across this realization earlier.  Now, it’s easy for me to say they’re easy to do – I sat there drinking wine while the ECBF slaved away in the kitchen – but I think he would agree with that statement.  He was so pleased with the result of his work that it wasn’t long before the big bowl of mussels was gobbled up.


Thanks Andrew – you’re the best chef a baker could ever have.

Back to the Costco-tastrophe.  Well, actually – it was a Target-tastrophe – but nevermind about that.  Per usual, it all started with our semi-monthly trip to the Costcos, where we picked up frozen burgers, the mussels, and some other things that don’t belong in a hot car parked in a parking lot.  You can probably tell where I’m going with this already.  After our super-successful shop at Costco, we moved next door to the Target to pick up a couple really quick things.  Well, my love for Target is unsurpassed, and there’s no way that I am capable of a “quick Target shop”.  No…I wandered lovingly through the aisles, adding things to the cart, while the ECBF patiently pushed it.  He’s so good like that.  Before long, though, he reminded me of our frozen and fishy cargo – parked in the lot – in the 30 degree heat – and we headed to the checkout.

Outside, I went to get my car keys, and…they were gone.  I swore I had put them in my pocket, but they weren’t there. We tore apart my backpack, and searched through the bags in the cart – but nope – no keys.  I could imagine the mussels steaming themselves in my little car, the burger spoiling…the smell…

The ECBF took off into the store to search where I had been (but I mean, really, I had been EVERYWHERE).  Thank goodness two very smart and wonderful little girls had turned them in to customer service.  Crisis averted.  Wonderful.  I’m no longer allowed to keep the keys (which is funny, because of the two of us, I’m the responsible one).

2 thoughts on “Flex those Mussels

  1. That looks amazing. The best mussels I’ve had were done at a friend’s home in a cognac bacon cream sauce and, wouldn’t ya know, I’m a mussel fan all of a sudden. Must try inferno’s curry mussels now – especially since their fries (and patio!) are so wonderful.

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