We Take Recycling Seriously

Not long ago I blogged about how I was looking for these lunch containers for ranch dressing to send with the boys to school.  I suggested in that post that I might not be a very good friend to the environment.  The ECBF pointed out to me today that I take recycling to a whole new level in my house and I thought to myself, “YES!  I AM doing MY PART!”.  And I immediately reached for the computer to tell all of you about it to vindicate myself for all those plastic containers.

We recycle milk.

Wait.  No, I guess I recycle milk.  The ECBF wants nothing to do with what he is calling, “this nonsense”.

The Blond and the Brunette are 9 and 13 respectively.  I don’t think you have any idea how much milk we go through in a week.  Before they were in my life, I rarely had a carton of milk in the fridge, and now I buy it by the pallet at the Costcos.  There hasn’t been a Sunday night when one of us hasn’t run to the 7-11 to buy more because we inexplicably went through all 18 litres over the weekend.

We also seem to have a shortage of glasses in the house – which is another thing that has always vexed me.

Well, ever the resourceful sleuth that I am, I finally figured out why.  And the two things are <gasp> related.  Do you know what 13 and 9 year old little boys do when they’re thirsty?  They get a glass out of the cupboard, fill it to the brim with milk, take a couple sips, and then something shiny catches their eye (squirrel!) and they leave it on the counter and wander off to do muddy boy things.  Then, half an hour later, they get thirsty again, go back to the kitchen, and, as far as I can tell, rub their muddy hands and faces all over my stainless steel fridge, grab two more fresh glasses, fill them to the brim with milk, take a couple sips then (squirrel!), they’re distracted and off doing something else again, leaving two more full glasses of milk on the counter.   Repeat several times throughout the day, and you’re down a couple cartons in no time.  So, after the little mud-monsters are in bed, I spy the ECBF loading the dishwasher…first emptying several 3/4 full glasses of milk into the sink, along with 2 half-full bowls of cereal milk… wait, what?  

So…over the past few weeks I’ve started a milk recycling program.  It’s so simple, you too can try this at home.  Every time I see a glass of milk on the counter, I dump it back into the milk container in the fridge.  Our milk consumption has slowed considerably, and by that, I mean, we’ve been buying less milk.  Thankfully, I don’t drink the milk, that is, unless of course I opened a brand new carton myself (rarely the case) – but I figured, they have no problem running around this house without washing their hands and they clearly have no concern for germs, so they probably don’t care about a little milk cross-contamination, am I right?

The ECBF says I’m nuts.  Thoughts?

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