Word a Week Challenge: Pink

How could I not participate in this week’s word a week challenge via A Word In Your Ear?  The real challenge here is picking one of my gazillion pink things… I think the colour pink represents every single aspect of my entire life somehow: So many happy pink memories (but of course I’m just scratching the … Continue reading

Rocky Rhode Island Candy Bars

Book review time! A couple years ago when I was working with chocolate a lot more, I took an Advanced Chocolate Work course through Red River College’s patisserie program.   I loved it, and was thrilled at all the cool stuff I learned.  My good friend Stephy joined me for the fun – and we … Continue reading

The Great Debate

Do you remember Squirrel peanut butter? I do.  We were raised on the stuff.  My mom was a big Squirrel fan.  When Squirrel and Skippy merged, it was a sad day in our house.  It got even sadder when we bought our first jar of the new Skippy the Squirrel peanut butter and found out … Continue reading


Fresh Options Organic Delivery (F.O.O.D.) is wicked awesome good. Every week I get a bin of delicious fresh vegetables.  I love it. The guys around here hate it.  Go figure. A month or so ago, we got the motherlode of cauliflower in our fresh food bin and because the Blond claims cauliflower gives him nightmares, … Continue reading

You Want What Now?

The ECBF and I took a quick little holiday last week over to what I lovingly refer to as the “cottage” – Las Vegas.  We try to get there a few times a year (or more) and especially when we’re starting to get stressed out with the real world.  We took this trip because we’re … Continue reading

Chefs in Training

Summertime is always tough for parents.  Especially once your kids reach a certain age, when they don’t want to go to camp during the day, and it isn’t quite okay to leave them home alone while you’re at work.  The Blond and the Brunette are around that age now. I try to get creative when … Continue reading

Chicago Mix…Please Send Help

Remember the Boxing Glove Cake?  I made that for my friend Fran.  Fran and I were talking a couple weeks ago about running errands later that day and she mentioned that she always grabs a bag of popcorn when she’s at the mall.  She went on to say that she used to be a cool … Continue reading