Chicago Mix…Please Send Help

Remember the Boxing Glove Cake?  I made that for my friend Fran.  Fran and I were talking a couple weeks ago about running errands later that day and she mentioned that she always grabs a bag of popcorn when she’s at the mall.  She went on to say that she used to be a cool ranch kind of girl but her cousin was all about the Chicago Mix so last time she gave it a try.  Fran then went on to describe what sounded, to me, to be the grossest concoction ever.  Caramel popcorn mixed with cheese popcorn.  In a bag.  Gross.



The ECBF and I were at the Costcos and spotted a pallet of G.H. Cretors Chicago Mix popcorn and I thought, well, Fran said it was good.  I’ll bring a bag home and we’ll test it out.  If nothing else, it would be a cute post for the blog.  I can jump on the popcorn grenade for my readers.

Fran said it was good.

Fran didn’t tell me I’d be in a cheese powder and caramel-induced coma not 6 short hours later, in the fetal position in a corner in the living room because we ONLY BOUGHT ONE FREAKIN’ BAG AND THE COSTCOS IS NOW CLOSED WHAT WERE WE THINKING?  HOW CAN I POSSIBLY GO ON?  

As the story goes, back in 1885 Great Grandpa Cretors invented the popcorn machine.  No one disputes that.  Unfortunately, where the history goes a little bit off the rails is when the cheese met the caramel.  Some people claim that the relationship to Chicago is because Frederick Rueckheim, inventor of Cracker Jack, was based out of Chicago.  A German-born immigrant, Rueckheim had moved to Chicago to help clean up after the Chicago fire with his brother.  The two of them came up with (what is often touted as) the world’s first snack food.  Some claim the origins of Chicago Mix date back to a shop (still around, there’s one in Vegas) called Garrett Popcorn Shop – from Chicago.  They claim, right on their website,  to have invented Chicago Mix.

It isn’t clear who first combined caramel and cheese – but all I can say is – thank you.  And thank you Fran, for bringing this to our attention.


Here’s something a little newsy about the Chicago Mix.  Despite the fact that it probably isn’t wise to consume an entire 737 gram bag in one sitting, you can at least rest easy that … it’s gluten-free!  Even most potato chips aren’t gluten-free (sadly).  The Blond and the Brunette can gobble it down without a fuss and we can all agree that we like it.  Win!

Very unfortunately, this past trip to the Costcos resulted in a major haul.   Um.  As of press time, all bags (see photo above, which does not include the bag being consumed by the photographer) are already gone.

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