Chefs in Training

Summertime is always tough for parents.  Especially once your kids reach a certain age, when they don’t want to go to camp during the day, and it isn’t quite okay to leave them home alone while you’re at work.  The Blond and the Brunette are around that age now. I try to get creative when booking them into summertime activities and as luck would have it, I got an email from Red River College (where I’ve taken some courses in their culinary program and also did a portion of my ASL certificate) inviting me to register them in their Kids Cook camp.  Wonderful!

A week-long camp where they spend the morning making their own lunch, do a food-science experiment in the afternoon and then make a dessert to bring home at the end of the day, where do I sign up?  This was exactly the kind of creative solution I was looking for.  The Blond was registered in week 1 and the Brunette was registered in week 2.  I don’t need to tell you – they both loved it.

A little sampling of their works of art:

DSC_0071 DSC_0074


DSC_0077 DSC_0076

You’ve heard me complain about their eating habits before.  They absolutely refuse to try new things.  I was hopeful that this camp would do what we’ve so far been unable to – get them to get outside the chicken finger and french fry box they live within.    I was also hopeful that we could get them to pick up a couple life-skills around the kitchen.  I can yell and scream when they come flying into the kitchen pushing and shoving, and I’ve got a knife in one hand and an onion frying in a pan on the element.  My heart stops every time they go to put a dish in the sink and there’s a sharp object sticking out for them to scrape themselves on.

Maybe “Chef” could make them try a thing or two, and get them to learn a thing or two.  My words have thus far gone unheeded.

On pizza day, the Blond tried to convince Chef that he could just make a cheese pizza.  Nope.  Chef wasn’t having any of it.  The Blond  was “forced” by Chef to put ground beef on his pizza.  He loved it.  Of course.  If I had tried to make him eat that – no way – big fight for sure.  Why is it always that way?

As of me writing this, the Brunette has one more day of camp left, and tomorrow is sushi day.  He has suggested he would like to stay home.  I am SO excited to find out how he likes it.  The Brunette has really enjoyed the mixing and combining of the ingredients.  He has come home every day and recreated something for us.  Wonderful.  He won’t eat what he makes… but we’re getting there, right?  The clean up habits haven’t quite rubbed off on him from his experiences at camp, but at least I know he knows, you know?

Postscript: since writing this, the Brunette survived sushi day and was glad he went.  We are already on the list for next year’s camp.

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