The Great Debate

Do you remember Squirrel peanut butter? I do.  We were raised on the stuff.  My mom was a big Squirrel fan.  When Squirrel and Skippy merged, it was a sad day in our house.  It got even sadder when we bought our first jar of the new Skippy the Squirrel peanut butter and found out there was no more peanut on top.  I mean, what the heck.

Well cut to 20 or so years later, and even though Skippy is certainly no Squirrel (well, he is, but he’s not, you know), that’s still my peanut butter of choice.  And when my home merged with the Blond, Brunette and the ECBF – we had a full scale peanut-butter-tastrophe on our hands.  The boys are…<gasp>…Kraft peanut butter lovers.

How do you reconcile two households that are so diametrically opposed?  You can’t.  We have instead become a two-jar peanut butter household.


When I bake, I like to use the Skippy.  I find it makes for a much happier end product.  Which peanut butter is your favourite?

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