Pink: Not Yours

I think I’ve shared with you how lucky I am to have the ECBF, the Blond, and the Brunette in my life.  For all the obvious reasons, of course, but also because they are all so technologically savvy, that they have turned me into a bit of a tech-snob myself.  We all have iPads, and it truly has revolutionized how I bake, research recipes, play Candy Crush (wait, what?), and generally spend my time on the internet.  The iPads for the boys have replaced any of their handheld games, the Wii, and TV.  We’re pretty careful about how much time they spend with them, but what’s beautiful about the iPads for the boys is that they run out of juice and the boys can almost never find a charger.  See? I’m quite the savvy parent after all.

When the iPads are out of juice this is how I know:

“Daaaaaaaad.  Daaaaaaad! Daaaaaad?  Can I borrow your charger?”

“You still have my charger from the last time you borrowed it.”

“The Brunette is using it.”

“Then you have to wait until he’s done.”

“But I only have 3%!!!!”

“Too bad.”

Then the little monster will come sniffing around my stuff.

They won’t ask me though.  Wanna know why?  They know I won’t loan it to them.  Here’s how:


The beautiful thing about the colour pink is that it repels little boys.  It acts as a big boy repellent too (well…).  Don’t get me wrong, they love the colour pink, but they won’t be caught dead wearing it.  Or using it.  All of my stuff is pink.  My headphones, my iPod, my laptop, my iPod cover, my Wii remote.  All of it.  Why?  Because it’s mine.  Step off.

Stepmonster out.

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