Beet Down

I love beets.  I’m Ukrainian, so that must have something to do with it, right?

The ECBF is new to beets.  He knows his way around borscht, but when I asked him if I could make roasted beets one night he thought he’d only ever had them boiled.  Ummm, what?  Nooooo.  Roasted beets are the way to go, in my humblest of Ukrainian opinions.

Thanks to the good people at Fresh Options, we’ve been flush with beets for a few weeks now.  Lucky ducks that we are, the beets have been diverse – some golden, some red, and some marbled.

The best way to roast beets, I think anyway, is to do them the easy way.  Peel them, cube them, and then toss them in some olive oil with a little salt and pepper and put them in a parchment lined dish.  In the oven at 400 for about a half hour, maybe 40 minutes and you’re all set.  So simple and so delicious.  I had some gorgeous organic carrots this week too, so I threw some of those in there as well, but I didn’t even need them for colour, as you can see.



How beautiful are those marbled beets (also called candy stripe or Chioggia beets).  Seriously, if you can get your hands on some of these, I highly recommend them.  Even the Blond ate them up, and you know how those boys are about vegetables.

Just as an FYI: beets are considered a super food.  They’re chock full of good nutrients and antioxidants.  Another secret use for beets?  You can use left over beet juice (from a can of beets or a jar of pickled beets) to add the beautiful red colour to red velvet cake without adding a bunch of red food dye.  I will post about that another time.


2 thoughts on “Beet Down

  1. I can’t get enough beets. Picked up some candy cane beets and thinly sliced them with a mandolin to put on my roast beef & blue cheese sandwich this week….adds a satisfying crunch.

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