He’s Dynamite

This weekend we celebrated the Blond’s 10th birthday.  He asked for a Minecraft TNT cake.  Are you familiar with Minecraft?  No?  Yeah, I have better things to do with my time too.  Like Candy Crush.  Minecraft is a phenomenon being enjoyed by 10 year-olds across North America (and everywhere else I imagine).  When the guys have their friends over, it will be deathly silent in the basement,  I will go down to see what is going on, and of course, all of them are sitting on the couch, staring into their tablet devices, not talking to eachother.  They’re playing together, for sure, but in an online universe known as Minecraft.  And we wonder where we’re going wrong with our youth… I digress.

Minecraft TNT looks like this:

minecraft tnt

Oh sure, no problem kid.  I can make a cake that looks like that.

I googled the heck out of this to try to figure out how I was going to “pixelize” the cake and stumbled upon the most ridiculous tutorial ever that would have had me cutting up 3,000 1cm x 1cm fondant squares and then individually placing them onto the cake.  No thanks.

Opting for an easier solution, I made a square cake (3-2″ layers of blue velvet, as requested) and dirty iced it.  Then I tried to get my red fondant to lay nicely on it without ripping at the corners.  Because of the height of the cake (6″ – pay attention) that proved to be quite difficult.  I tried covering up my screw ups with more red fondant and ended up with quite a mess.  Keep in mind it was getting quite late on Friday night and after a stressful week at work, and with the cake due the next morning, my patience was down to its last little exposed nerve.  Of course that was when the ECBF came around the corner to see how I was making out, and politely suggested I should probably “start over”.  I had an epic meltdown.  Basically at him.

Calm and cool as always, the ECBF suggested something he’s never suggested before.  He offered to finish the cake for me.  What?


I believe my response was something along the lines of, “if you think this is so [expletive] easy, go for it!”.  I walked away from the table, left him in charge, and poured myself another glass of wine.

Well he did it.  Now of course, I helped, but really, the ECBF handled this one on his own.  I tore off the existing fondant, rolled out some new stuff, and we did, in fact, start again.

And the finished product was nothing short of awesome.  The best part being that the ECBF now fully understands what a jerk fondant can be, and also, he understands why these cakes sometimes take a long time.

The inspiration for our cake came from this post here.   Ours came out a little differently, but we totally stole the idea of the black licorice/sparkler.

And here is the ECBF’s finished product:



Not bad for a first-timer hey?  Props to my dynamite man.  Now you know why I love him so much.

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