Movember – my very own Mo Bros

The ECBF isn’t doing the movember this year.  But that shouldn’t stop the Blond and the Brunette.  Aren’t they handsome? The Brunette is always photogenic but check out this pose from the Blond: Big shout out to all of our Movember Mos.  Way to go! P.S.  Those are chocolate moustaches on a stick.  Smart, right? … Continue reading

Recipe: The Cast Iron Skillet Strikes Again

I was “stuck” with the Blond this afternoon.  I say “stuck” because really it isn’t a chore spending any time with him.  He’s basically the best baking companion a girl could ever have.  We stopped to look at some cast iron pans at Sears while I was there returning a Hawaiian shirt (again, long story, … Continue reading

Gift Idea: Cast Iron Skillet Cookie

Recently I blogged about baking in my new cast iron skillet. I was at Galen’s the other day and I noticed he has a great little gift idea out just in time for Christmas: a mini cast-iron skillet with a packaged cookie mix. It was something like this: What a cute idea, right? Watch out, … Continue reading

Stepmonster: Thermos Wars

We’ve got a bit of a battle happening here at Casa Tickled Pink. It has been going on for over a week and I just can’t take it anymore. Just when I thought I had a handle on all things domestic, this one seems to have escaped my control. The Blond and the Brunette like … Continue reading

Zumba Beets

I’ve blogged about how wonderful my Zumba class is before.   Well, they continue to amaze me.  We were chatting before class one night and got on the subject of beets.  My post on the candy cane beets (which you can find here) prompted a discussion of favourite beet recipes.  Even better, I got a … Continue reading

Delicious: His and Hers

In the interests of celebrating all things delicious (which is our aim here at Tickled Pink, as you know), I want to share with you my favourite delicious thing of late. I can’t take the credit for this discovery. Thanks to my good friend Florence’s husband, Ben (who is also a good friend), we get … Continue reading