Delicious: His and Hers

In the interests of celebrating all things delicious (which is our aim here at Tickled Pink, as you know), I want to share with you my favourite delicious thing of late.

I can’t take the credit for this discovery. Thanks to my good friend Florence’s husband, Ben (who is also a good friend), we get to find out the latest and greatest in liquor technology.  I was over at their place for dinner while the ECBF was out of town recently, and Ben poured me a glass of something before dinner.  I don’t ask – I just taste.  Well.

Mind. Blown.

The next day I was at the LC (for those of you non-Manitoban readers, that’s code for liquor store) hunting the aisles for my very own bottle of this sweet elixir.

It’s called Moscato D’Asti and it’s basically a sparkling sweet wine (not a dessert wine…think…refreshing) that will knock your socks off.  The ECBF and I have been hooked ever since.  It comes in a white and a red variety.  You can usually find it in the Italy wine section – sometimes in the sparkling wines section – but no matter where you find it, buy it.

I may be admitting a bit much here – but Saturday night of this weekend, I had to have my very own bottle.  You may have noticed I haven’t been blogging much these past couple weeks – things have been absolutely crazy around our house.  School changes, life changes, just – chaos generally.  I had five minutes to sit down and watch TV and have a little “down” time – and well, “down” for me meant “down down” – I took down my very own bottle of the d’Asti.  The ECBF did too.  Shhhh..don’t tell.  I don’t want to encourage this kind of behaviour.

We had to label the bottles so we didn’t get confused as the night wore on:



Again, I don’t want to encourage this kind of behaviour but I do want to share with you the deliciousness that is this sweet sweet yummy wine.  Enjoy (in moderation).  xxoo

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