Zumba Beets

I’ve blogged about how wonderful my Zumba class is before.   Well, they continue to amaze me.  We were chatting before class one night and got on the subject of beets.  My post on the candy cane beets (which you can find here) prompted a discussion of favourite beet recipes.  Even better, I got a sample of one of them hand delivered to me before the next class!

Harvard beets are awesome.  My mom makes them and they are definitely a sure sign of fall.  Sandra, one of my awesome Zumba students, brought in her own Harvard beet recipe for me to try (they didn’t last long, they were THAT good).

I’ve told you before that there’s something so special about a care package delivered in a Becel container.   I mean, you see that coming and you just KNOW that it’s going to be good.  AND when the Becel container is accompanied with a plastic spoon?  I mean COME ON!




Because it’s how I do – I thought I would also use this post to share with you a little bit of background on Harvard Beets but interestingly, it is a mystery of the universe.  John F. Mariani (the author of the Encyclopedia of Food and Drink) couldn’t even help me out.  Does anyone out there know?  I’m very curious.

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