Greek Yogurt and Popcorn? Why Yes, Yes I Will.

Oh it happened.  Just when I thought I was over my Chicago Mix issues, they came out with something better.  Better may not be the right word.  They came out with something else.


Like they needed something else, am I right?

Sometimes when you hear of things described as “drizzled” – they end up being a let down.  I take drizzling very seriously.  When I make my peanut butter balls, for example, at Christmas, I drizzle the chocolate over top of them will both skill and precision (am I right, Stephy?).

I could not even imagine how you manage to drizzle popcorn, stick it in a bag, ship it to a bunch of different stores to stock on their shelves, and still manage to have a beautifully crafted drizzle.  But they did it:


It has everything you would want in a popcorn drizzled with greek yogurt (words I never thought I’d type).

Speaking of greek yogurt – where did this fad come from?  Suddenly it’s greek yogurt this, greek yogurt that…  Here’s a tip for you – if you want to thicken your regular (technically “non-greek”) yogurt, take a metal strainer and place it over a bowl.  Line the strainer with a coffee filter and place a huge dollop of regular yogurt in there.  Pop the whole contraption in the fridge over night and in the morning you will have the thickest, creamiest, yogurt you’ve ever known in your life, I promise.  If I make any kind of a dip or a dressing using yogurt, I always make sure I strain the water out of it first.  Especially when you use cucumber or any other water-y vegetable – this is key.


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