Holidrizzle.  Yup, I said it.  It exists.

You can’t make stuff like that up.  Ok – someone can – just not me.  You know who’s good at the drizzle? G.H. Cretor’s  We know this because I blogged about it recently here.  Well – Angie (who is the popcorn nemesis to G.H. Cretor’s – or at least in my mind anyway) would not be outdone.


You read that right…Dark chocolate and Sea Salt Popcorn.  Aka – HOLIDRIZZLE.

Lucky for me, it tasted as good as it sounds.  I bought two (rather small) bags at Galen’s just before the holidays.  What is it with me and popcorn lately?  I’m sure it’s a limited time thing and the limited time is up – so I won’t be able to find it again but it was good while it lasted.  No…it was GREAT while it lasted.

We enjoyed it while we made Three Shades of Chocolate Cups – a recipe the Blond picked out  and that I will be blogging about next.  Delicious.

How have your holidays been? Mine have been crazy busy – which should be no surprise to anyone as I haven’t been blogging.  Blogging has to drop off the priority list when there’s simply too much to do.  Anyway, back to Christmas planning. . . Last year at this time we were in Florida at Disney World (which was our Christmas present to the boys).  This year we had a regular Christmas, unwrapping presents on Christmas morning together, no big surprises – except that the ECBF’s mom is taking us all on a Disney cruise in two months.  OMG.   I better lay off the chocolate popcorn between now and then.  I hear Disney cruises are the greatest thing and I am really looking forward to it (except for my irrational fear of mascots, children, open water, and in-laws, which I hope to have dealt with or medicated before the boat leaves port).  Wish me luck with that.


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