Happy Valentine’s Day


We like to use acronyms here at Tickled Pink, but there’s one thing that just shouldn’t be acronized (?), and that is Valentine’s Day (you know what I mean).

Very much like the purple penguin-tastrophe I blogged about here, last night the Blond texted me (yes, that happens), to ask if we could make cookies for his class in lieu of handing out Valentines.  Of course we can.  And we did.  With limited time I converted my favourite go-to Imperial Cookie recipe which did not require overnight refrigeration (or eggs, which I also did not have) prior to rolling out and baking, and we made 22 beautiful heart shaped cookies.

Have you seen this red thing before?  I picked it up at Williams-Sonoma a few years ago and I always forget about it.


It has a little grid, and comes with letters, like this:


I forgot I had these and decided to dust them off for these heart-shaped cookies.  The problem is the Imperial Cookie base I was making doesn’t lend itself to the lettering.  So they got a little puffy:


But good enough for grade 5 and I’m happy to report that the Blond made nearly everything himself. He’s a talented little baker.

The cookies he made turned out pretty good too:


That’s one lucky class today.  I’m also pretty lucky – since we’re on the topic of acronyms: the ECBF has nicely transitioned to the ECF. . .

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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