I’m Back Baby

Most of you know why I’ve been away, but for those of you that don’t – I took a “leave of absence” from blogging to spend a little more time working on a big project for my family.  We undertook a pretty significant renovation to our house these past few months, and it was a huge part of every day.  In order to make it work, I had to give up a few things I like to do, like baking all the time, like blogging, like…living a normal life.

The biggest change in the house (besides the square footage, and the extra, you know, house part) is the kitchen.  I’ll blog about that more in the next few weeks, I promise, but if you’re with me on the Facebooks, you know how many kitchentastrophes we had.  I planned this kitchen, I wanted it to be all my own, from the layout, to the cupboards, to the appliances.  I went and picked every little thing, right down to the cutting boards.  And then, when it came to execution, well, we ran into a few snaggles, but more about that later, as I said.

What’s bugging me today, and what I wanted to write about, is the creative roadblock I have had since moving back in.  We came home two and a half weeks ago and despite having this gorgeous space that I am ridiculously proud of, I was not inspired to bake.  Anything.  We had been living in a townhouse temporarily during construction, and my excuse during that time was, well, time, and also, I didn’t pack and bring over any of my baking tools.  I thought the break would be good for me.  It wasn’t.  After coming home and cleaning the heck out of this place, I have stood in this kitchen countless times, just looking at it, but never compelled to preheat the oven.

Then this weekend happened.

In a bizarre series of events, pretty much every single person related to me left town.  Literally, every person who has ever been an emergency contact of mine is outside the province.  The house was all mine.  Obviously there were house-y things to do (we’ll be doing those for a while, don’t even get me started on the state of our yard or basement) but I also had the time to really think about what I should bake, and think about getting back to the blog.

I just needed some inspiration.

Inspiration comes in the strangest forms sometime.  Every once and a while a co-worker will request something and I’ll go on the ultimate research hunt to find just the right recipe.  Sometimes I’ll find a product in a store and think, “I can totally make this myself”.  The odd time I will be inspired by a magazine or TV article, and the most often of all, I get my inspiration from others blog posts.

This was kind of different (but not really).

I was in my favourite kitchen shop, d.a. Neils, with no particular shopping agenda.  I just happened to be nearby and thought, I’ll take a peek and see what they have.  I even commented to the salesperson that I was without family that day and just enjoying my day (and I was!).  When I saw it.



I wanted to make these cookies RIGHT NOW.  And I wanted them to be pink (please tell me you get it).  I had everything I needed at home, so I bought it and headed there.  Creative block disintegrated!  My next challenge was finding a roll out cookie recipe that would work for me.  All of my roll out cookies require chilling, but I wanted to roll with my new-found inspiration (see what I did there), and I wanted to do it RIGHT NOW.  A little research brought me to a blog that I’ve never visited before: In Katrina’s Kitchen.  Katrina has what she is touting as the “Best Sugar Cookie Recipe” and it requires no chilling.  Wonderful.  Even if it’s the worst sugar cookie recipe (spoiler alert: it wasn’t, it is a great recipe), I was in.

I am giving this recipe a win.  The only thing I would have done differently, honestly, is popped the cookies in the fridge after cutting them out, and before baking.  They didn’t come out very bubbly, but I think this would result in a flatter, easier to decorate cookie in the end.

But enough criticism, honestly, I will absolutely make these guys again.  So simple, and extremely tasty.


That was last night.  This morning, I whipped up some 7-minute icing, and got to work frosting them.  I considered turning them into an imperial cookie, but changed my mind.  These are stand-alone good, they don’t need jam.


Please, I’m begging you, tell me you get it.  You get it, right?

It’s a house key.  It’s pink.  Anyone?



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