Lava Cake

The Blond has been harassing me lately about making lava cake. Every time we pass one of those Dr. Oettker packages in the baking section of the grocery store, he begs me to buy it because he wants to make them. Last time I said, “we aren’t making it from a mix, I’m sure we … Continue reading

Just Say No to Cake Pops

I really don’t have a problem with cake pops.  I mean, you have to do something with your leftover cake, right?  Well when I made the Blond’s birthday cake, I had a whackload of leftover cake bits.  I cubed them and was thinking I would recycle the leftovers for a dinner party we were having. … Continue reading

He’s Dynamite

This weekend we celebrated the Blond’s 10th birthday.  He asked for a Minecraft TNT cake.  Are you familiar with Minecraft?  No?  Yeah, I have better things to do with my time too.  Like Candy Crush.  Minecraft is a phenomenon being enjoyed by 10 year-olds across North America (and everywhere else I imagine).  When the guys … Continue reading

You Want What Now?

The ECBF and I took a quick little holiday last week over to what I lovingly refer to as the “cottage” – Las Vegas.  We try to get there a few times a year (or more) and especially when we’re starting to get stressed out with the real world.  We took this trip because we’re … Continue reading

Wrecks to Success: It’s So Fluffy!!!

Work friend Sherry – maker of these awesome veggie muffins, asked for a (relatively) last minute birthday cake for her daughter, Carly’s birthday this past weekend and I was happy to oblige.  Sherry has been a good friend these past few months with work being such a gigantic pain in the neck, and other things … Continue reading

It’s a Monster

Work friend @rockox_selinger enlisted my help for his 1-year old son’s birthday cake this past weekend.  It was a monster.  Literally. Hulk themed cake with accompanying hulk-themed smash cake.  As Rockox puts it: that’s the joke.  Hulk Smash.  Get it?  Oh come on. What I’ve noticed from these cake projects I undertake is that I … Continue reading

Graphic Cake

Not long ago, a friend asked me to bake a cake for her husband’s birthday.  It was relatively short notice but I was up for the challenge.  You see, she had something very specific in mind and it was something I’ve never tried before… Ask around and I think you’ll find that many bakers have … Continue reading