Bianca Amor I Amor You

Two words: Liquidation SuperCentre I was on my way home from the Bulk Barns today (spice project, will tell you about it another time) and happened upon something doing at the old Cabela’s location.  The sign now reads: “Bianca Amor’s Liquidation SuperCentre”.  Ummm, yeah!  Pulling in, I didn’t know what to expect.  I have to … Continue reading

The Blond Bakes: Three Shades of Chocolate Cup

The Blond picked out a holiday-ish recipe for us to try this weekend and he picked a good’er.  Three Shades of Chocolate Cup – a duo of chocolate mousses, inside a delicious chocolate cup.  I guess he googles recipes in his spare time (what 10-year old doesn’t) and came across this one so he jotted … Continue reading


Holidrizzle.  Yup, I said it.  It exists. You can’t make stuff like that up.  Ok – someone can – just not me.  You know who’s good at the drizzle? G.H. Cretor’s  We know this because I blogged about it recently here.  Well – Angie (who is the popcorn nemesis to G.H. Cretor’s – or at … Continue reading

Movember – my very own Mo Bros

The ECBF isn’t doing the movember this year.  But that shouldn’t stop the Blond and the Brunette.  Aren’t they handsome? The Brunette is always photogenic but check out this pose from the Blond: Big shout out to all of our Movember Mos.  Way to go! P.S.  Those are chocolate moustaches on a stick.  Smart, right? … Continue reading

The Blond Likes Brownies

The Blond wanted to bake something last weekend.  He started talking about making something and so I said, go ahead and find a recipe and we’ll make it.  So he did.  Awesome.  We workshopped his idea a little bit before he started looking – he was thinking something like a brownie – but with peanut … Continue reading

Rocky Rhode Island Candy Bars

Book review time! A couple years ago when I was working with chocolate a lot more, I took an Advanced Chocolate Work course through Red River College’s patisserie program.   I loved it, and was thrilled at all the cool stuff I learned.  My good friend Stephy joined me for the fun – and we … Continue reading