I’m Back Baby

Most of you know why I’ve been away, but for those of you that don’t – I took a “leave of absence” from blogging to spend a little more time working on a big project for my family.  We undertook a pretty significant renovation to our house these past few months, and it was a … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day

We like to use acronyms here at Tickled Pink, but there’s one thing that just shouldn’t be acronized (?), and that is Valentine’s Day (you know what I mean). Very much like the purple penguin-tastrophe I blogged about here, last night the Blond texted me (yes, that happens), to ask if we could make cookies … Continue reading

Gift Idea: Cast Iron Skillet Cookie

Recently I blogged about baking in my new cast iron skillet. I was at Galen’s the other day and I noticed he has a great little gift idea out just in time for Christmas: a mini cast-iron skillet with a packaged cookie mix. It was something like this: What a cute idea, right? Watch out, … Continue reading

Gluten Free Chia Chip Cookies: DIY

I bought this monster-sized bag of chia seeds at the Costcos a couple months ago and realized I hadn’t been using them up.  Trying to think of a good way to incorporate chia into some baking I decided that I could easily add them to a chocolate chip cookie recipe without too much hassle.  I … Continue reading

Recipe: M.I.A. Cookies

I know I know…I’ve been missing in action. The past few weeks have been a blur, I’ve been so busy with work, home, workouts, etc… but I am BACK baby and I’ve been saving up a good’er for you.  But…you have to wait just a little bit longer.  To say this post will be a … Continue reading

Recipe: No-Allen-Key-Required Cookies

Seems to me that cookie butter is turning up every where these days.  It used to be that I couldn’t get my hands on any unless I could get to a Trader Joe’s in the US, but now it’s everywhere I turn.  I saw a jar at Walmart recently, then I saw some at the … Continue reading

KK – 2, Egg Whites – 0

Remember when I told you about my victory over egg whites?  Well I needed yolks only for the Paula Deen Black Bottomed Banana Cream (Creme) Tart recipe I blogged about recently and so I ended up with a cup of egg whites with no home (so sad…). A great use for leftover egg whites is … Continue reading