Zumba Beets

I’ve blogged about how wonderful my Zumba class is before.   Well, they continue to amaze me.  We were chatting before class one night and got on the subject of beets.  My post on the candy cane beets (which you can find here) prompted a discussion of favourite beet recipes.  Even better, I got a … Continue reading

Beet Down

I love beets.  I’m Ukrainian, so that must have something to do with it, right? The ECBF is new to beets.  He knows his way around borscht, but when I asked him if I could make roasted beets one night he thought he’d only ever had them boiled.  Ummm, what?  Nooooo.  Roasted beets are the … Continue reading


Fresh Options Organic Delivery (F.O.O.D.) is wicked awesome good. Every week I get a bin of delicious fresh vegetables.  I love it. The guys around here hate it.  Go figure. A month or so ago, we got the motherlode of cauliflower in our fresh food bin and because the Blond claims cauliflower gives him nightmares, … Continue reading

Chefs in Training

Summertime is always tough for parents.  Especially once your kids reach a certain age, when they don’t want to go to camp during the day, and it isn’t quite okay to leave them home alone while you’re at work.  The Blond and the Brunette are around that age now. I try to get creative when … Continue reading

Flex those Mussels

A busy weekend of cake making has taken its toll.  How better to relax and enjoy some quiet time with Mr. Tickled Pink (it’s a name I’m trying out for the ECBF – let’s see how he likes it), than to let him cook me dinner and pour me a glass of wine. Am I … Continue reading

How lucky am I?

I haven’t been feeling well the past little while and the ECBF has been pretty good at keeping me happy, fed, medicated.  Such a great guy – I am so lucky. Sunday was pretty much a write-off for me and I stayed close to bed most of the day.  For lunch I was treated to … Continue reading

Wheat Free Focaccia

I’ve posted before about how I feel about wheat.  Me – personally – how I feel about it.  Obviously I don’t think everyone needs to feel this way – otherwise I wouldn’t be constantly baking things for everybody.  Anyway, I feel this way because I know how wheat, and grains generally, make me feel. There’s a … Continue reading